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About us

Asian Med Trade is a holding pharmaceutical company covering the whole cycle of pharmaceutical activities in the market of Kyrgyzstan:

- Asian Med Trade wholesale & retail logistics company;

- DasMed marketing and consulting company;

- Asian Medicals production company.

10 years on the market pharmaceuticals
200 titles medicinal products
40 exclusive partners

 Asian Med Trade offers various areas of cooperation:

- Wholesale and retail sale of medicines, dietary supplements, medical devices based on exclusive contracts;

- Introduction and promotion of innovative, highly effective drugs and medical supplies;

- Contract manufacturing of medicines at foreign production sites under our own brands;

- Production and export of products to neighboring countries.

For today, Asian Med Trade Company is an exclusive distributor of more than 40 foreign pharmaceutical companies on the market of Kyrgyzstan. Among them partners from Germany ... Switzerland ... Italy ... Croatia ... Czech Republic .. Poland ... Turkey ... Bulgaria ... Moldova … Russia ... Belarus … Ukraine ... Kazakhstan ... Vietnam ... Pakistan ... India ... Korea ... China ...

Asian Med Trade Company cooperates with all the largest wholesale and retail pharmaceutical companies in the market of Kyrgyzstan, thereby providing 100% market coverage.

The retail network of Asian Med Trade under the Pharm-Service ® ​​trademark is the modern pharmacy markets of new generation focused on professional customer service and a wide range of products.

DASMED Company provides a full range of marketing and consulting services for the introduction and promotion of products in Kyrgyzstan market.

  Marketing services :

• Analysis and monitoring of the pharmaceutical market of Kyrgyzstan

• Marketing strategy development and brand positioning

• Implementation of an effective range of marketing activities

• Evaluation and analysis of marketing activities


Consulting services: 

• Services for the registration of medicines, dietary supplements, medical devices

• Pharmacovigilance services

• Trademark registration services

• Translation services

• Brokerage services

• Recruiting services

DASMED Company has a staff of professional medical representatives for promotion of medicines in all cities and regions of the country.

Asian Medicals Company produces drugs of various pharmacotherapeutic groups. High quality of products is a defining sign of its successful sales in all regions of Kyrgyzstan, as well as in neighboring countries.

Asian Med Trade is the only holding pharmaceutical company in the Kyrgyzstan market providing a full range of pharmaceutical services, and which is able to realize any joint projects!

Asian Med Trade invites all interested companies to mutually beneficial cooperation.


Asian Med Trade - your reliable partner in the market of Kyrgyzstan!